Janice Dickinson Roughs It in Model House

 - Aug 28, 2008
References: oxygen & realitytvworld
Janice Dickinson loves the concept of being first at something. She insists she was the world’s first supermodel, and now Janice Dickinson wants to be the first reality show host to actually live in the same house as the contestants.

No sneaking out at night after the cameras stop rolling like most hosts and judges; on her reality show, "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," she lives the model life in the model house, 24/7.

Janice is trying to recreate the model house she lived in while in Paris 32 years ago.

"What motivated me when I was that young living in Paris out of an agency house was that it truly gave me an added advantage to get a jump-start on what I truly wanted to achieve with my life in modeling," Janice said.

Other reality shows about the fashion industry, like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, are about elimination, but The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is about helping all the models succeed by landing real campaigns and publicity. 

"It means everything.  I eat and sleep for kids achieving their dreams," she told reporters.  "This allows me to give back in a field—in an industry—that I worship.  I just want to remain in the picture.  If I can’t be in front of the camera, I’m behind it, I take photographs.  If I’m not taking the photographs, I’m dining with the clients.  It’s all facets of the industry that I absolutely love."

Unlike many models who speak poorly of the industry, Janice repeatedly emphasizes her love of modeling and her appreciation for the ability to continue to live her dream through The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

On the one hand, it’s fantastic that Janice is getting right in there, living with them and playing a holier than thow host. On the other, it sounds like a tough experience for the models.

"I’m a pretty tough boot camp sergeant, and I demand perfection in myself and expect it from the people around me—especially keeping the kids focused.  Honestly, I don’t expect anything from the kids that I don’t do myself."

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency may be supported by tough love, but that could be just the type of environment needed to breed the next big supermodel.