Jandruff Paints Surreal Illustrations on Ornate Reflective Surfaces

 - Nov 20, 2011
References: jandruff.blogspot & jandruff.deviantart
Some people say art is a reflection of an artist's world, so it's quite fitting that Jandruff illustrated a collection of oil paintings on physically reflective surfaces.

Using highly ornate mirrors as canvases, Jandruff rendered a variety of images centered around babies, fetuses and abortions. She takes a surreal fantasy approach to these illustrations, and the resulting products are highly stimulating on a visual and cerebral level. One can't help but wonder whether each distinct mirror reflects something unique about each depiction. Perhaps they were chosen simply because of their beautiful frames.

The impressive and idiosyncratic series was created by Jandruff for her grad show at Art Center College of Design. If these illustrations don't suit your fancy, it should be noted that Jandruff is also an amazing cartoon illustrator.