James Gortner's Vibrant Mixed Media Masterpieces Shine

 - May 5, 2013
References: jamesgortner & lyonswiergallery
In his new collection entitled 'Carolina,' James Gortner does not merely create a series of paintings: he combines different media along with a 50s-era influence to tell a story.

The series focuses on a woman named Carolina, with each piece showing a different aspect of her personality. Within the series, there's 'Carolina, The Empress,' 'Carolina, The Hanged Man,' and 'Carolina, The Eye Collector.' These titles are rather dark, but are offset by the vibrancy and chaos of the the pieces' backgrounds.

Instead of using one medium to produce the 'Carolina' series, James Gortner chose to use mixed media, including objects attached to the painting for a 3-D effect and patterned wallpapers to add to the pieces' already colorful backgrounds.

With this collection of work, James Gartner has created the image of a powerful woman who can be placed in the middle of a chaotic background and still burst powerfully from the work.

Personally, I wouldn't want to mess with Carolina.