The iPod Slide Adapts the Apple Media Player for Improved Interactability

 - May 10, 2013
References: coroflot
The Apple iPod Nano has been shrunk down in scale, making the mp3 player a great deal more portable and wearable for improved convenience. The iPod Slide seems to be a redesign of the latest model, demonstrating a way that the device can remain compact for practicality but increase in size for an enhanced user experience.

Tryi Yeh's solution was to split the gadget into two thin halves as a separate front and back. They could stick close together the majority of the time to be tinier, more pocketable and better protected. The user can easily scan and skip songs and adjust the volume with the buttons on the face. More controls can be found inside of the iPod Slide when you draw out the concealed touchscreen.