Watch the 'Lasers vs. iPhone 5' Video at Your Own Risk

 - Oct 8, 2012
References: ohgizmo
With the recent release of the coveted Apple cellphone, leave it up to the someone to create a video of the iPhone 5 obliterated. With the use of five WickedLaser’s Spyder III Arctic 1.25W blue lasers aimed at the coveted phone, they manage to leave a small dent in the phone. Siri recognizes the intense heat and measures it to the precise degree. Then the 4,100 Lumen behemoth flashlight is directly placed upon the iPhone 5.

After a few seconds the screen noticeably starts to blacken leaving Siri to cry out in despair. Within five minutes the phone is completely destroyed by the intense flashlight. The moral of the experiment deduces iPhone 5 users with a pretty much indestructible phone. Just stay far away from intense heat.