Václav Krejčí Recreates the iOS 7 Flat Design in Mic

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: en.rocketnews24
When it was initially released, Apple's iOS 7 flat design was called cartoony and childish by some, because of its simple design with bold colors and primary shapes. It is so simple in fact that the Czech Republic’s Václav Krejčí asks "was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?"

This seems like an absurd question, but Krejčí proves just how easily the design can be replicated with the use of this word processing software. In his video, he demonstrates his process for replicating the home screen of the iOS 7 using tools just from Microsoft Word.

Krejčí is even able to reproduce the bubbly gradient of the Game Center app icon and the many small spokes of the Settings icon. It’s incredible that the icons truly look like they could have been made in Microsoft Word and it certainly makes you wonder about Apple’s design process.