Iola Kalliopi Sifakaki's Body-Shaped Tantalus Meal

 - Jul 9, 2009   Updated: May 24 2011
References: dezeen
This dinner was put together by Royal College of Art graduate Iola Kalliopi when she cast a dinner service out of her body parts.

Iola Kalliopi then had a dozen of her male friends eat out of them.

This whole art concept was based on an old Greek myth. Iola Kalliopi displayed the table and service at the RCA show, along with details of the exhibition.

Implications - The gruesome Greek myth was about a man named Tantalus who boiled his son Pelops and offered him as food to the gods. The men who ate the meal all had stains on their shirts that looked like blood and took turns eating from plates and trays that resembled parts of the body such as hands and a stomach.