The InZoneAlert Vest Alerts Wearers of Approaching Vehicles

 - Sep 7, 2015
References: & equipmentworld
InZoneAlert vest is a cleverly designed safety vest for roadside construction workers, policemen, first responders. In fact, it is a life-saving vest for anyone who needs to be on highways amidst traffic. The project is the brainchild of Virginia Tech researchers, led by professor Tom Martin and Kristen Hines, a doctoral student.

Every year, numerous people die in motor accidents, including many people in road work zones. The goal of the InZoneAlert vest is to warn its wearer before a collision occurs, thus helping them save their lives. It uses GPS tracking and radio sensors in conjunction with connected vehicle technology, to alert both the wearer of the vest and the driver of the oncoming vehicle of the imminent collision.

The InZoneAlert vest is still a prototype and the team is trying to make the vest even more user-friendly. The team is also testing various forms of alerts that will be useful in a noisy road work zone. However it shows great promise in reducing work zone fatalities once it is ready for market.