The Funnel-Shaped ‘Coni Rovesci' Office Spaces

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: damilanostudio & contemporist
Although it has been eons since it was necessary for me to show up to an office environment, there is a (granted it would still be remote) possibility that I could be persuaded to return to the corporate world, if the surroundings were anything like this. The Coni Rovesci, a spectacular office project by Duilio Damilano, located in northern Italy in the Province of Cuneo, has so many sensuous and sinewy charms, it is hard to pick the best. Much of modern industrial architecture leaves an awful lot to be desired, but that is definitely not so with this oasis of calm. How wonderful it would be to be able to work in the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere this project portrays.

In the words of its designer: "For this motive the line drives some project you has been that to maintain a constant relationship with the outside and its disposition to vary of lights and shades and the idea to create one ‘operational greenhouse.’"

With its soaring sinuous volumes, the illusion of white ribbons flowing through the levels, the suggestion of upside-down cones, and curtains (walls) flowing throughout the structure, what an awe-inspiring place to work at everyday.