'Tuurngait' Captivates Audiences as it Depicts the Inuit Lifestyle

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: laughingsquid & tuurngait-movie
As part of a graduation project for the Supinfocom school in Arles in the Southern part of France, five students, Paul-Emile Boucher, Remy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickaël Riciotti and Alexandre Toufaili came together to produce a short animation film about a small Inuit child. The amazingly detailed and emotion-filled video has been shown in 50 film festivals all across the world, where it won 9 awards.

In the short clip, the child sees a strange bird in his village and chases after it. The young boy's adventure starts where the rocks and snow meet, we then follow him through a beautifully rendered maze of ice and upon entering, discovers a hidden world beneath a floating piece of ice.

The name of the movie, Tuurngait is part of Inuit mythology where they are spirits that are unconnected to physical bodies. Some are helping spirits, others are evil.