The Int'l School Museum of Flamenco is Fabulously Designed

 - Oct 23, 2011
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Moving your hips while dancing with the music is exactly what describes Spain's 'Int’l School Museum of Flamenco.' It has the spirit, charm and rippling effect of this movement conveyed through the mind-blowing architecture.

Designed by MUS Architects, the museum is made up of several folds that interlink the entire structure. The spectacular terrace that allows you to view the entire site is located on the top level of the building alongside the museum. Eroding rocks, soft flows and movement were an inspiration to the designers of this project.

The structure also relies heavily on light to create a magical aura that surrounds the museum. If you ever visit Spain, be sure to indulge in the mystical world of structures by visiting the Int’l School Museum of Flamenco.