Intimissimi Bra Recycling Turns Lingerie into Soundproof Insulation

 - Dec 14, 2010   Updated: Mar 22 2011
References: green.blogs.nytimes
The Intimissimi bra recycling project turns fibers from intimate apparel, old bras and other textiles into insulated soundproof construction panels. The goal of the Intimissimi promotional initiative is to raise eco-awareness.

While Intimissimi bra recycling may not actually save the planet, encouraging women to bring used bras into Intimissimi stores for a $4 credit toward the purchase of a new bra can’t be bad for business – or the environment.

Implications - The mass eco-conscious consumer mentality calls for stronger, more creative corporate social responsibility campaigns; however, how does a company find the balance between relation to a cause and to their product? The answer is found within unconventional thought and innovative concepts such as upcycled lingerie. The days where an organization could simply attach their name to a charity are over, creating more intense competition amongst competing companies to be the most socially responsible in the industry.