Funny Internet Infographics Pokes Fun at Not Having High-Speed

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: centurylinkquote & centurylinkquote
This Internet infographics titled 'Why I love slow Internet' shows how some folks still manage to have fun during computer lags, freezes and loading times. For example, one of the quotes from the document exclaim, "I love it when my Internet freezes so that I have time to work on my ninja moves."

This fun-poking infographic is slightly sarcastic, but it brings out the common problem everyone's encountered at least once: slow and lagging Internet. There are doodles on the infographic and the hand-written lined paper makes the slow Internet theme more appealing.

Remember the days when dial-up was the norm? It literally took minutes to load up a homepage and now, 30 seconds seem like an eternal wait. One quote says "sometimes when my Internet gets slow, I love to practice my dial-up sounds out loud."

This clever info graphic from's is an advertisement for its high-speed offer.