The International Courage Passport Stamps Invite Cavity Searches

International Courage Passport Stamps are not your average immigration stamps. These stamps are for those who are just itching to be detained for a couple hours and maybe get cavity searched too. The stamps proclaim all of the things that people hate or love about traveling quite bluntly. Examples include, "I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT PACK THESE B.A.G.S. MYSELF" and, "I HATE YOUR COUNTRY."

Get your International Courage Passport Stamps by tweeting at the company (@internationalcourage). Apparently it will instruct you as to how to obtain the stamps. The brand is also encouraging people to tell their international courage stories by tweeting with the hashtag #internationalcourage.

According to its website, the company describes itself as "a concept invented for daredevils who are seriously prepared to risk a full cavity probing for the admiration of their impressionable mates."