This Rouge Residence by InterFORM Architecture is Vibrant and Inviting

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: interformarchitecture & blog.2modern
The color scheme selected for the exterior of this house by InterFORM Architecture is not a typical choice. It is a little too bold for the tastes of many, but in this case its absorbing brightness fills the entire project with utter aesthetic delight.

It appears to work because a balance is struck between the strength of the hue used and the modest structure of the dwelling. It's formed of three primary rectangular blocks that mass together like a three-tiered podium when perceived from the front.

Granted, there's nothing too elementary about the composition of this endearing hilltop project, as one can appreciate in the charming asymmetry of the windows, the flat roofing, the wall heights and the plan. This red residence by InterFORM Architecture embodies an innocent playful quality that appeals the the child inside everyone.