Philip's Daylight Concept

 - Nov 2, 2007
References: t3
The way we interact with electronics is quickly evolving. Check out Philip's "Daylight" concept - the hotel 'window' of the future. Don't like your view? If you had a "Daylight," you could simply wave your hand in front of the faux windows (really a monitor) to change the ambiance of the room. The color of light shining through can be changed. Users can even produce foliage by interacting with the screens.

"For jetlagged power types, there's blue light, which, we're told, helps alleviate the effects of spending hours cramped in an airline seat," said T3. "It'll even open virtual blinds when you walk into the room.

"The idea is that you'll be able to pre-order the kind if atmosphere you want before you check in."

It's hard to describe, so see for yourself in this video.