MIT Mobile Experience Lab

 - Jun 22, 2008
References: & coolhunting
This amazing interactive cloud sculpture consists of 15,371 individual fibers or 65 km of fiber optics. It is the creation of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab - “an organic sculptural landmark that responds to human interaction” by way of hundreds of sensors. The Cloud is part of the long term “Redesigning Fashion Trade Shows” project to bring creative and innovative technologies to fashion trade shows.

Each fibre can be regarded as a changeable pixel which responds to different types of sensors. The proximity sensors will pick up on people approaching the Cloud and track how they move around it. The touch sensors to track where someone is touching the structure. The video shows the beautiful light changes as a woman walks by it and the responses of the fiber optice lights when she touches it in various ways. If you are fortunate enough to either live in Florence, Italy or are going to visit, the sculpture is set in the downtown area outside the Rotezza da Basso (map).