The Seoul 2018 Winter Olympic Village Will Have Intel 5G Connectivity

 - Aug 15, 2017
References: & mashable
Like all sporting events, the Olympics lends itself to online communication, and the International Olympic Committee has decided to help with that sharing by offering Intel 5G connectivity at the upcoming Winter Olympic in Seoul. The technology company will be equipping the entire Olympic Village during next year's event, ensuring that the fans, media, and athletes therein will have access to the best, fastest connection possible.

Considering the scope of the Olympics, Intel 5G connectivity on site is especially important. The international event draws millions of viewers who are increasingly tuned in through streaming services, and the speedy upload capacity of 5G will give those fans clearer, less choppy, and unbroken videos of their favorite competitions. Further, the IOC and Intel hope to employ VR footage, which requires more data (and thus faster, broader networks.)