The InsideOut Glass Collection by AMT Studio is Easier to Grasp

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: byamt & core77
The thin stems of traditional glassware for alcoholic beverages can be tough to hold for many, a difficulty the InsideOut Glass Collection hopes to rectify. Although each glass in the collection manages to hold onto its iconic identity, they have all been tweaked to provide a better grip. This is especially appreciated when more and more alcohol is involved.

Designed by AMT Studio, a design firm based in New York City, the InsideOut Glass Collection is comprised of three designs: graceful champagne, demure liqueur and conical martini. Literally turning them inside out, the curvaceous shapes of the glasses remain inwards while drinkers are presented with a continuous cylindrical form that is easy to grasp.

Since they are double-walled, the InsideOut Glass Collection provides more insulation as well.