The Inside the Edge Nigel Sylvester Commercial Is Chaotic and Exciting

 - Jul 30, 2011
References: gatorade & hypebeast
Gatorade has always been known for marketing that connects athletes with the public in a personale way, and the Inside the Edge: Nigel Sylvester commercial only serves to further enhance Gatorade's reputation in that department.

Nigel Sylvester is a 24-year-old New York-based street cyclist with an impressive list of sponsors that include: Nike 6.0, Gatorade, G-Shock, and MirraCo. If that isn't enough, Sylvester is the owner of one of NYC's major bike shops, 'Format.'

The Gatorade Inside the Edge: Nigel Sylvester ad shows the Queens-native as he ride through the chaotic and (at times) dangerous streets of New York, dodging joggers, civilians, and taxi cabs at a speed that would terrify most, but seems natural to him.

The spirit of the commercial encourages consumers to take care of their bodies through healthy food and drink consumption, while always trusting your instincts. Sylvester does a great job of doing both in abundance.