Nordin Seruyan Captured Creatures that Live in His Garden

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
This insect photography series by Nordin Seruyan features outlandish-looking creatures that live in the gardens of Southeast Asia. The photographer took the close-up shots in his own garden, which is located in Central Borneo, Indonesia.

Some insects captured, like snails and grasshoppers, are familiar to the majority of the world, but other insects only live in that region. The region-specific insects have odd features like fluffy yellow bodies or two sets of eyes. Though they are creepy crawlers, they look beautiful in their brightly colored garden homes. Because the photos were taken with such a high-zoom, the camera picked up the beautiful flowers each bug was perched upon. The flowers boast gorgeous hues of pink and purple, which compliment the uniquely colored bugs.