Better and Faster is an Innovation Marketing Book You Won't Want to Miss

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: betterandfaster & amazon
Keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche's innovation marketing book 'Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas' goes against the grain by instructing individuals to up their innovation by breaking free from past successes. While this might seem to go against any natural instinct, Gutsche advocates that a past success only lessens your ability to come up with great, new ideas by conditioning you to repeat what has previously worked in the past.

Often times our previous accomplishments impede the way we innovate in the future. In order words, we are pre-wired to repeat what steps and strategies have worked in the past to help achieve the same fruitful bounty. This is what Gutsche calls the Farmer mentality and it is one of three neurological traps individuals need to avoid in order to uncover their next big breakthrough.

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