Runamok Maple's Syrup Blends Vermont Maple Syrup and Thai Lime Leaves

Over the past few years, maple syrup producers have been making a concerted effort to share the many ways in which the versatile natural sweetener may be used for so much more than just drizzling over waffles and pancakes—as such, a wide array of infused maple syrups have emerged, including some varieties that are savory, spicy or smoky.

To build upon its own maple syrup product range, Runamok Maple—a premium, organic maple syrup producer based in Northern Vermont—launched a Makrut Lime-Leaf Infused Maple Syrup. The product combines the sweet taste of organic Vermont maple syrup with fresh and zesty organic Thai makrut lime leaves. The uniquely infused maple syrup is said to be ideal for adding to everything from fresh fruit and baked goods to cocktails.