This Informative Infographic Says Big Brother Exists

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: baynote
This informative infographic makes a bold statement with its title, 'Big Brother is a Technology Company.' Comparing modern day to something out of a dystopian novel, California-based company Baynotes states many companies are invading customers' privacy. The graph analyzes the business methods of five key players in the tech industry: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Yahoo. Though subscribers to these online services willingly agree to share information, Baynotes believes that it isn't all that necessary to ask for this type of data to get the profitable results.

These companies all use customer information to target advertise, but Baynotes says useful and relevant data doesn't always have to invade people’s privacy. Baynotes offers multi-outlet retailers personalized and relevant data based on what is trending among consumers at the time, simply using key search terms.