This Quirky Designer Bag Can Carry Books or Float Downstream

This inflatable raft backpack makes the wearer look like they're equally prepared for a day of studying or a flash flood.

The inflatable backpack is part of Christopher Raeburn's Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, called 'RAFT.' The collection features such unique designs as a shark-printed sweater and scarf set, as well as a variety of inflatable accessories and apparel. In addition to the red inflatable raft backpack, there's an inflatable parka that comes in black, red or blue -- although wearing them both together might be a challenge. Luckily, the inflatable raft backpack can actually be worn inflated or deflated to suit the wearer's mood and outfit.

The Christopher Raeburn inflatable raft backpack is a great example of a fashion designer incorporating industrial textures and materials into his pieces in a way that is visually original and interesting.