AdweekMedia & LinkedIn Find Celebs Don't Spur Consumption

 - Aug 12, 2009
References: adweek
You stare at a commercial with Jessica Alba rubbing foundation over her already-perfect skin, or watch as Beyoncé and Eva Longoria toss their glossy brown manes around in unison. Do you switch off the TV and head to the nearest drugstore to buy what they’ve advertised? Chances are, probably not.

According to a recent poll conducted by AdweekMedia among members of LinkedIn, consumers just aren’t swayed when it comes to celeb faces on commercial products.

When asked whether a celebrity in an advertisement would make them more likely, less likely, or neither more or less likely to buy a particular product, a whopping majority of respondents (78%) claimed that seeing the celebrity would not influence them one way or the other. Only 8 percent answered that the presence of the celebrity would make them actually go out and buy the item.

It just goes to show that we, as consumers, really aren’t that taken by a famous face. So stop it already, L’oréal!