This Restaurant Has an Indoor Greenhouse and Uses Recycled Materials

 - May 26, 2016
References: & dezeen
'Väkst' is a restaurant in Copenhagen that includes an indoor greenhouse in the middle of it and uses recycled materials for an eco-friendly design.

Genbyg, a Danish design studio, created the project with the restaurant's plant-based menu in mind, deciding to showcase the natural and homegrown quality of the food served. In a time when people are becoming more health-conscious about their food and more wary of unwanted additives, placing an indoor greenhouse at the focus of a restaurant is a excellent way to bring in these consumers.

Designer Rasmus Fex aptly explains the project by saying, "The idea was to create a vivid and organic space, like a garden party." The indoor greenhouse uses old windows and other salvaged materials and covers the stairs in the restaurant, making it take up next to no space.