The Swissted Project Gives Indie Music Posters a Modernized Look

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: swissted & collabcubed
Graphic designer Mike Joyce combines two seemingly opposing design aesthetics in his series of indie music posters for his Swissted project.

Implementing the clean lines of the vintage Swiss Modern design movement from the 50s and 60s, Joyce creates highly stylized posters with fresh pops of color and simplified shapes. He reconciles the artistic differences between this clean-cut style aesthetic and messy, alternative punk rock with his point of view that, "Swiss modernists purged extraneous decoration to create clear communication, while punk rock took on self-indulgent rock and roll and stripped it to its core."

Both the punk and modernist movements were about stripping away the excess to reach simplicity while maintaining overall integrity. This surprisingly mutual factor is visible in the Swissted collection of indie music posters by Mike Joyce.