iYura’s Indian Skincare Packaging References Patterned Textiles

 - Jun 1, 2018
References: iyura & thedieline
iYura is an Indian skincare line that shares Ayurvedic beauty solutions for consumers in the United States and Europe.

To set itself apart as a skincare brand with an unconventional approach, iYura worked with Spain-based Fagerström Studio on the development of unique packaging. Iyura's bottles and dropper bottles are elegantly packaged in tubes that are decorated to reference the artisanal Indian patterns of ikkat. The textile-like packaging boasts a woven look, as well as one that seems to convey the softness and comforting properties of a fabric.

iYura makes products like the revitalizing, nourishing Kesaradi Oil with saffron, rose and turmeric. Tradition and authenticity are of the utmost importance to the brand, which notes: "iYura’s Classical Collection consists of pure Ayurvedic formulations taken directly from authentic Ayurvedic texts."