Indian Politicians Are Texting For Votes

 - Apr 18, 2006
References: thehindu & engadgetmobile
Politics, or rather politicians, have caught up with the latest communications technology. Or so it seems.

If your mobile phone goes beep, beep, you know it's an SMS. Yes, but this time it is not a friend `forwarding' you the latest joke. It's somebody else: your friendly neighbourhood politico. With the May 8 Assembly polls not far off, he is just canvassing for votes. ...

They have found an alternative through SMS and e-mail. Yes, politicians are beeping the message `vte 4 me' fast and furious. If you have a high-end mobile you can also get to see a leader's mug shot and the party's symbol. As a party functionary in the city reasons, sending SMS for canvassing votes is `easy, convenient, and cheaper'. "Expenditure is very important with the Election Commission keeping a strict watch on how much a candidate is spending to gain votes. The mobile phone has become an integral part of society today. It helps us reach out to a potential voter. With several cellular operators giving free SMS facility, it is cost-effective," the functionary adds.