Klaus Pichler Captured Cosplay Enthusiasts at Home

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: sickchirpse & thisiscolossal
These incredible cosplay captures by Klaus Pichler present a quirky and funny idea. Imagine your favourite characters in their homes, doing average things—this is what you’ll find. These characters have tea parties in the kitchen with their pets, watch television, read the newspaper, iron and take baths just like you do. It’s usually very funny seeing super evil villains or perfect hero figures in mundane settings. Could you imagine that the most evil villain of them all does his own ironing?

The pictures themselves are very beautiful and detailed. The homes of the cosplayers look intricate and customized, giving the whole shoot an air of elegance and style. The costumes contrast starkly against the calm, homey interiors making them look strikingly out of place, and turning these incredibly cosplay captures into an innovative work of art.