Inc Trend Hunter Retro Photography

 - Jan 12, 2011
References: inc
Trend Hunter was recently cited in Inc Magazine for an article on Sergey Larenkov's photographic works due to its retro features. The article focuses on how companies are bringing back classic forms of technology into their new products, allowing consumers to get a feel for and reminisce the traditional way of how things worked prior to the convenience of today's technological advances.

The aim of these apps is to make a photograph not feel as disposable as it would if, say, it were taken on a smartphone. In fact, many of these photos are now posted on photo-sharing sites like Instagram, along with the 8mm vintage camera app which creates a vintage patina to smartphone video. Other photography projects cast modern life into historical context. TrendHunter contrasts street scenes from the past alongside their appearance today, while the Museum of London App lets you see what London's city streets looked like two hundred years ago. In a sense the app turns the whole city into an extension of the museum.