WeHostels Travel Site Makes Finding Friends at Your Hostel Easy

 - Dec 1, 2011
References: wehostels & mashable
Traveling to the most beautiful and enchanting city can feel lackluster if done alone or without meeting interesting people along the way, but the WeHostels travel site provides a social media platform for travelers to meet before they arrive at their hostel. The novel idea is the first social site for hostel beds and couches. Travelers can log into Facebook and see what people are staying at the same hostel or hotel. The tool will allow users to plan trips and various other social outings before arrival with people they haven't met yet.

While it may sound slightly creepy to plan adventures with people you don't know, this is in fact a stellar way to have an IRL (in real life) conversation starter. People are not always outgoing in person and won't just start chatting with a person next to them when traveling; WeHostels travel website provides a perfect tool to find people with similar interests and start a conversation beforehand. It's a great use of Facebook data, because Facebook identities tend to mirror people's lives and by viewing their profiles travelers will have a sound representation of what they're getting into.

"We believe that travel is not only about the places, it’s also about the people," says Saez-Gil, one of the creators of Inbed Me travel site. "That’s why we wanted to create a platform to facilitate these connections."