This In-App Quiz Raises the Importance of Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Tinder recently announced that it is joining The Huffington Post’s #SleepRevolution with an in-app quiz that asks millennials about their sleep habits. While most people know the importance of getting a good night's sleep, few make an effort to ensure they get the right amount of rest. This quiz aims to raise awareness about the importance of proper sleep habits by reaching out to millennials directly.

The #SleepRevolution initiative consists of a short quiz that involves question about different sleep habits. Users scroll through the quiz the same way they would with potential Tinder matches, swiping left to indicate no and right to indicate yes. In the end, the quiz will reveal whether the user is a 'Sleep Champion' or 'Sleep Amateur. In addition to the in-app quiz, there is a page of helpful resources about how to get a proper night's rest.

By integrating a quiz into Tinder's user-friendly interface, The Huffington Post has found a clever way to remind millennials about the importance of sleep.