Improvising by Sitting Was Designed to Accommodate Intimate Duos

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: debbinits
Whether it's a pair of good friends, family members or couple who enjoy snuggling up together, the Improvising by Sitting collection would keep them cozy. Where you might otherwise have to pull two chairs together, designer Debbi Nitsan has already done the work by fusing furniture together.

She's assembled a set of siamese chairs that allow one person to sit comfortably forward and a second one to put her legs across her companion's lap. She's been provided with a backrest that encourages such a position. A pair of lawn chairs have been brought together and overlapped to produce a T-shaped arrangement, enabling abdomens as headrests and easy hand-holding.

The eccentric pieces of Improvising by Sitting may be made of hard wood and metal but there is a wonderful coziness to the way they can be used.