This Company Converts Photos into Impressionist Paintings

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: companyofpainters & oceansbridge
'Company of Painters' is a company that can turn photographs into Impressionist works of art, in the form of oil on canvas paintings. The initiative was borne out of a desire to help people with artistic vision but lacking technical skills the ability to create real oil paintings.

Company of Painters finds artists with the requisite technical skills in creating Impressionist paintings and connects them with customers to help them turn their favorite photographs into classy-looking paintings. The initiative helps bring out the Van Gogh in everyone, without requiring them to endure years of study and practice (or sacrificing a ear).

The company focuses on the Impressionist style of paintings because this style is thought to work best when trying to convert a photograph into a painting. However, interpretative, abstract, pointillist and photo-realistic paintings are also offered.