The New 'OutDry Extreme' Jackets are Completely Impervious to Water

Columbia Sportswear recently unveiled a new line of rain gear that is designed to be completely impervious to water. The company has developed a new kind of waterproof fabric called 'OutDry Extreme,' which helps to provide unparalleled levels of dryness and comfort.

The OutDry Extreme fabric works to keep heavy rainfall out, while simultaneously letting internal water vapor escape. The clothing achieves this delicate balance by using two layers of fabric instead of the standard three. The new OutDry Extreme jacket features an external layer that is covered in a water-tight membrane, which helps to repel rainfall. However, this layer of fabric also contains millions of tiny perforations that allow water vapor to escape from inside the jacket. The internal layer is made up of a nylon liner that helps to wick water away from your skin. The two layers ultimately work together to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Unlike other waterproof rain gear on the market, Columbia's OutDry Extreme jackets are impervious to water, but also completely breathable.