The Imogen Watt by Jessica Sim is Chilling and Ghostly

The Imogen Watt by Jessica Sim editorial is no girly walk in the park.

Shot by Jessica Sim, the series evokes a haunting nostalgia. Model Imogen Watt whisks her way through the swampy atmosphere like a girl guide left behind. Her piercing blue gaze is made more provoking with thick globs of rust-colored shadow. The photographs have a a certain transparency and luminescence created through overexposure and emphasis on texture. The overall effect is quite ghost-like. The grittiness of the captures keep the collection warm and nostalgic despite the looming angst. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, the collation has an intensity that calls up a subtle twinge of childhood.

The Imogen Watt by Jessica Sim editorial take viewers on an intense stroll down memory lane. The photographs are beautifully rendered and hauntingly engaging.