Imagine 3D Printer is the Closest Thing to Star Trek's Food Replicator

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: imagine3dprinter & ohgizmo
The Imagine 3D Printer takes the innovation of 3D printers to another realm by using special syringes that can print with any soft material. This means that folks can print food into crazy shapes. You are limited by the fact that the food must be soft, but that still means you can create mashed potato replica cars, frosting Eiffel Towers and blended beef feet.

The Imagine 3D Printer immediately reminded me of the food replicators from Star Trek. If inventors can figure out a way to mimic the texture of food accurately then many will be able to make any food in any shape. And, the Imagine 3D Printer only costs a meager $1,995. A small price for endless possibilities.