The I'm Google Dina Kelberman Website Features Online Images

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: dinakelberman.tumblr & gizmodo
Dina Kelberman's I'm Google Tumblr page takes its displayed images from online searches. The artistically minded project brings patterns taken from the search engine to the fore, enabling viewers to appreciate a genre of beauty that is frequently overlooked.

Showcased within the I'm Google series are airplanes, tents, mats and various gym materials. The colorful snapshots unfold into one another seamlessly, assembled by Kelberman according to theme, form, and composition. While the featured items are different from one another, they somehow flow within the Tumblr website, speaking to a semblance of ideas as they are displayed on Google's forum. As few have taken note of the company's artistic merits, Kelberman has began what is now recognized as an original venture.