Ellia Fernandez Creates Abstraction Through Reality

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: elia-illustration
Ellia Fernandez is a 24 year-old freelance artist who focuses on creating abstractions of reality. She is from Den Haag, Netherlands. Her subjects of reality are usually depictions of females with abstractions within or surrounding the image.

The human figure is usually drawn as an outline with pencil and then the abstraction Ellia creates is painted on the piece with watercolor. Ellia chooses to leave large amounts of blank space within the human figure and then highlight the abstraction with light colors. Ellia’s abstractions are usually solid, which draws the audience's eye to them. She composes her pieces seemly to reflect the human figure’s emotions.

Fernandez uses a 4B pencil to create her figures, then fills in her abstractions with watercolor. Fernandez uses Photoshop to edit the piece after it has been illustrated.