Jonty Hurwitz Defines His Own Dimensions in His Illusion Art

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: thisiscolossal
Jonty Hurwitz proves he is a wizard capable of bending the laws of dimensions and perceptions with his illusion art. After looking at these remarkable optical illusions, one might think this artwork is impossible to create. But through a meticulous and extensive process, Jonty is able to create these masterpieces for our benefit. He does so by using over a billion computer calculations followed by months of mulling over how he will bring these ideas to life.

The anamorphic sculptures are virtually created and then specially distorted in a way that will show the original form when placed in front of a cylindrical mirror.

These works definitely take a special type of person to spearhead. Each piece of illusion art would involve more than just extreme patience and a highly intensive work ethic.