NeckFX by Colour Cartel Creates a Colorful LED Guitar

 - May 9, 2012
References: q8allinone & kickstarter
These vibrantly colorful guitar necks known as NeckFX by Colour Cartel Designs, have caught the attention of musicians like Chris Holmes and Ashtar Command, as well as members from Maroon 5. The guitar necks are illuminated with LED lights, which are integrated into the fret board and light up once contact on the strings is made.

Colour Cartel’s aim is to turn any performance into a light show, which can turn a seemingly dull event into a spectacle. The NeckFX is the first and only full-fret light-up guitar neck. It runs on a nine volt battery, which is buried into the back of the head and lasts up to 20 hours. The brand is looking into a rechargeable option; however, it does need funding to keep this project going; you can visit the KICKSTARTER website to make a pledge.