Lightning Fast Illuminated Auto Art by Marc Cameron

 - Mar 11, 2010
References: se7enmagazine
I think some of this art needs to be used in car commercials. I could just picture one of these fantastic Light Graffiti Cars by Marc Cameron and Mark Brown zooming around an ocean side highway somewhere in California. Heck, this illuminated auto art may even sell more products than if the actual cars were featured.

This is actually the second collection of Light Graffiti Cars that we’ve featured on Trend Hunter. We don’t often bring things back, but these pieces are just too good to ignore. Like I always do when writing about art, I don’t try to explain the methods behind it as that will just hurt both of our brains. Rather, I prefer to just sit back and admire the talented works and use big descriptive words like "neat" and "ooh." Good job, guys, on another fabulous collection.