Michigan Mom Threatened with Fines for Babysitting Area Kids

 - Oct 1, 2009
References: grandhaventribune
Michigan Department of Human Services regulates daycare providers. Using a law meant to crack down on unlicensed daycare providers, they sent Lisa Snyder a letter telling her that she may not watch her friends’ kids before they catch the school bus each day because she is not licensed.

Does this mean the end of friends helping each other out with childcare? Not if state representative Brian Calley has his way. He is working to draft legislation to exempt situations like Snyder’s from Michigan’s current daycare regulations.

The bill will make it clear that people who aren’t in business as day care providers don’t need to be licensed, Calley said. With some luck, Michigan will have a law to let parents do what parents have always done, to help one another by watching each other’s children.