Design Firm Freytag Anderson Reimagines the IKEA Logo as a Moveable Image

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: freytaganderson & fastcodesign
There are few out there that wouldn't recognize the iconic blue and yellow IKEA logo, but the reimagining of it as modular as the furniture the brand retails could have some a little confused.

Created by design firm Freytag Anderson, the IKEA logo concept sees the traditional color and font kept in tact, but with a distinctly modular twist. Taking the concept of IKEA's vision into account, Freytag Anderson created the IKEA logo to change effortlessly into a number of positions that retain the same visual effect; thus updating, yet paying homage as the same time.

Speaking on the design, Freytag Anderson explains, "When people think of IKEA they inevitably think of flatpack boxes and enormous blue rectangular buildings. It therefore seemed obvious to take the modular system a step further, into a three dimensional context  --  wrapping the logo around shapes  --  thereby creating a tangible link between brand and product."