James Walsh's 'Igneous Light' is Made from Victorian Bluestone

 - May 3, 2017
References: jameswalsh.studio & design-milk
Like Moses drawing water from the rock, there's something fundamentally religious about combining light and stone, and James Walsh's 'Igneous Light' doesn't seem to shy away from such a connection. The substantive stone lamp lights rooms with a halo that bounces out from its mirrored shade, off the firmly tactile stone backing, and into the air.

The lamp is made from Victorian Bluestone, a common rock in Australia that has a rich history. It has been and continues to be used extensively in the architecture around Melbourne, which in turn contributes to a fair amount of waste in the form of the powder that dusts Victorian Bluestone quarries. James Walsh and Ash Allen collaborated to invent a technique for melting down this powder and turning it into an even stronger form, which they then used for the Igneous Light.