This 'If Condoms Had Sponsors' Chart Shows You How Corporates Communicate

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: jaymug
Everyone knows that sex sells and this 'If Condoms Had Sponsors' chart is no stranger to that notion. Condom advertisements are amongst the most creative in the communication industry. Brands like Durex are out there to make money of course, but they are clever in using humor to spread provocative messages and talking about something quite serious: protecting yourself.

But can you imagine that condom brands would team up with big corporate brands to communicate their message? And the marketing managers would come up with slogans for their condoms? This hilarious picture, If Condoms Had Sponsors, shows what the slogans would be if condoms had sponsors. Actually, the slogans of a few corporate brands that are being used for years, do not look so bad at all when matched with a package of condoms!