The IE Paper Pavilion by Shigeru Ban is Ready for Purposeful Use

Building a pavilion out of paper tubes isn't what one would consider to be a traditional method of structural form, but the IE Paper Pavilion by Shigeru Ban is created in just such a manner. 173 paper tubes were utilized to create the multi-aesthetic structure that is destined for a multitude of different purposes depending on the need of the Spanish business school.

Infamous for designing with paper materials, Shigeru Ban also has a strong commitment to humanitarian efforts that can help those in impoverished regions of the world. Regarding the structure, Santiago Iñiguez -- Dean of IE Business School and President of IE University -- said, "IE’s culture and Shigeru Ban’s work share a commitment to sustainability, the humanistic spirit, and the blending of multiple cultures." Thus, it's truly a site to see such a complex initiative coming to fruition to uproarious success.