The Timex 80 Watch Brings Back Old-School Digital

 - Jan 13, 2009
References: oki-ni
Look at these absolutely fabulous 80s watches from Timex. I love digital watches, mainly on men, but just the other day my dear friend was flashing one of these and she looked so cool, I got quite jealous.

These retro Timex 80 watches are made in the iconic digital style and you can get any color, from the traditional metallic silver to orange plastic. Timex has, of course, all the basic functions a watch needs such as time, date, stopwatch feature, alarm and of course, the indigo backlight. Bling bling!

The strap is made with stainless steel links and can stretch to fit your wrist just as a lovely bracelet would - and it is water resistant.

The Timex 80 Watch costs £55.00 at

The Timex 80 comes complete with 80’s style neon plastic, slide-top box and foam cushioning.